The Last Song

I was waiting in the restaurant

One cold December day

She came down and sat with me

(No-one noticed) but when she left

I saw her place was empty

Then I knew she’d been there.


And she is here at this moment

In this room, she leans over

Finishes these lines

But the moment I look up

She’s gone. It’s just me reading.

That’s how I know she’s been here

I see her long brown hair

Trailing on the underground in dreams

I would ask what she’s doing

Haunting me here

In semicolons and silences

But she would only shrug

Unable to say


She cannot speak

When I am listening.


While I sit in the rain

Imagining missing her forever

She sits under the sun

Half hoping I will find her

But I won’t. She hides so well.


At her best

When no one listens

Peter Jukes 1999


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