Nothing Between Us (Song Lyric)

Nothing Between Us
Once again, forgive the amateur singing and playing but this lyric needs the music.

Sheets still warm from the dryer
I spread them on my bed
And I look for some reminder
But there’s nothing of you left.

No trace of you in the shower
Who would’ve known you’d been
Oh so lovely in my mirror
Like a portrait or a dream?

There’s nothing between us
No future and no hope
It was just
One of those moments
And we should let it go
Let it go

What was there between us?
Some lipgloss on a glass.
Oh and where did you leave fingerprints?
A thread from your pink scarf?

Others always wanted something from me
You took me for who I was
And you loved me for no other reason
Than the logic of your heart.

There’s nothing between us
No mortgages, no rings
It was just
One of those crazy
Temporary things

I drove so fast to the airport
I think you’d thought you’d die
And I died a little in the car park
You knew and kissed my eyes.

I said ‘I hope you have a good summer’
And when you thought I’d gone
You cried and dropped your passport
But I was watching all along

There’s nothing between us… (repeat)

Never anything between us
No promise, no goals
No lies, no disguise
So tell me why
I let you go?

But no
It’s not over
I can’t forget
That feeling

And yes
I don’t expect
Whoever said
It would be easy?

But when
I see you there
It all makes sense
It is so easy

It’s easy
No scarf
No thread
No sheets
No bed
Our skin
It’s easy
You and me
In between

Peter Jukes 2006


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